About Me

I am a visual specialist with longtime experience in the field of web design, visual communication, online marketing and video editing.

My strength lies in the development of visual concepts. I appreciate broad knowledge and international experience. That's why I've lived and worked in London and Berlin for many years, a period during which I gained a lot of skills in digital design, conceptualisation, supervision of photo shoots and video editing. In my previous roles in the creative teams I was involved with web design on a daily basis.

I love to experiment. I never rest. My attitude is to stay in motion. Change drives me forward. Playing with new ideas and exploring the endless possibilities is an enjoyable process to me.

I am interested in storytelling and believe in beauty. I focus on bringing both form and content together to create exceptional concepts that convey exciting messages. I strive to be moved by what I see in my daily live and let this knowledge flow into my work.

About me: Hubert