Graphic Design

TrickStar: merchandise

I love arts of movement. I also did some tricking and Parkour a few years ago. To express my admiration for acrobatics and gymnastics I designed this image based on a skilled trickster and acrobat that I know well.

Muay Thai: merchandise

I've done lots of martial arts in the past. Since recently I've been training kick boxing. I wanted to express my passion for MMA by creating some compelling designs for t-shirts and merchandise.


I'm interested in the topic of perception and how the mind works. For this reason I created a graphic visualising the process of how we perceive the world and then create mental concepts of things. Concepts are mental abstractions of common characteristics of objects, people and events. I wanted to create a vivid piece of work that can be printed on t-shirts and other merchandising.

Brain divisions

The graphic is about the division of the human brain. While the structures are complicated and have scientific names, I focused on what a regular person really needs to know about human nature - the division into three evolutionary parts: reptilian brain controlling vital functions, limbic system creating emotions and feelings, and cortex responsible for human thoughts and thinking. This version was a preliminary stage to creating the next graphic below.

Just Human Nature

The next graphic visualises in a fun way the inner struggle between the rational side of the human mind, and the inner monkey which represents the emotional and irrational part of human nature. Additionally I added a lizard as a representation of the reptilian brain to complement the figurative division of the mind into its three evolutionary parts.

Other (Info)Graphics