Graphic Design

Travel Destinations

I’ve always been keen on pushing my personal boundaries and traveling far. I decided that there’s an adventure waiting for me out there and went on a journey to Southeast Asia. I explored the amazing countries I’ve always heard of, but never actually had the chance to see.

Ever since I’ve been going on journeys to distant destinations whenever I can with the objective to turn my personal experience into something valuable. Each new place has always been a new opportunity to see things differently and to experience a variety of the wonderful vibes that the world has to offer.

Art Of Movement

I love sports. I also did some tricking and Parkour many years ago. To express my admiration for acrobatics and gymnastics I designed this imagery. I've also done a lot of martial arts and kick boxing. I wanted to express my passion for MMA by creating compelling designs for t-shirts and merchandise.

Cerebral Themes

I'm interested in perception, how the brain works, how we perceive the world and then create mental concepts of things. Concepts are mental abstractions of common characteristics of objects, people and events.

The human brain is divided into three evolutionary parts: reptilian brain controlling vital functions, limbic system creating emotions and feelings, and the cortex responsible for our thoughts and thinking. I love that kind of cerebral exploration of the inner struggle between the rational side and the emotional part of human nature.

I Do It All...

Whether you need illustrations for social media, logos, infographics, vectors or raster imagery - my practical knowledge encompasses a variety of skills and techniques. Learning never ends!