Web Design

20 Years myToys Anniversary

- Cross-Media Visual Campaign -

myToys, the second-leading toy and children's fashion company in Germany, celebrated its 20-year-anniversary in 2019. An an employee in the Creative Team I was responsible for the entire visual campaign during that period. In collaboration with a multitude of stakeholders from the marketing department I designed various layout mockups, landing pages, online banners and the official logo for the anniversary promotions and content on the company's website. It was a big cross-media campaign running for several weeks across different in-house promotional channels.

myToys is a all about the world of children. Therefore, I used lots of round shapes and vivid colors from the company's Corporate Identity spectrum to convey playfulness, joy, vividness and festive feelings worthy of a big celebration.

Tablet & Laptop Buying Guide

- Information Portal -

The concept was to create an online buying guide for electronics on the client's website. Starting from cartoonish figures I developed an entire layout based on them. The goal was to establish a funny and entertaining portal that provides information on tablets and laptops, operating systems, other details and a technical dictionary. I limited the colour palette to red and blue and kept the overall look and feel clean and white. I also included lots of little decorative elements to underline the lighthearted, playful and cartoonish appearance of the pages.

Chalet Alexia

I designed and developed a website for the Swiss winter resort/villa Chalet Alexia. Using big imagery I aimed at making the website look slick, modern and clean. The images provided from the client were used as fullscreen backgrounds for various pages. The overall objective was to let the viewers experience the place and the interior of the villa. Based on the existing logo I developed a visual identity for the site and expressed it in small details such as hover effects in the navigation or the footer.

Online Banners

Email Design